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Vertical Medical Liquid Silicone Injection Manufacturing Machine

Minimum Order Quantity : »1 Price : Negotiation
Packaging Details : wooden case Delivery Time : 45 workdays
Payment Terms : L/C, T/T Supply Ability : 100 set year
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: TYM
Certification: CE/ISO9001 Model Number: TYM4545

Detail Information

Product Name: Vertical Medical Liquid Silicone Injection Manufacturing Machine Tie-Bars Space: 580*580mm For Vertical Injection Moulding Machine Medical Injection Manufacturing Machine
After-sales Service Provided: Engineers Available To Service Machinery Overseas,Online Support Clamping Force: 130T For Vertical Injection Moulding Machine Medical Injection Manufacturing Machine
Opening Stroke: 200-700mm For Vertical Injection Moulding Machine Medical Injection Manufacturing Machine Material: Liquid Silicone
Power(w): 12.1kw
High Light:

low pressure overmolding machine


cable overmolding machine

Product Description

Vertical Medical Liquid Silicone Injection Manufacturing Machine


Liquid silica gel can also be divided into addition and condensation silica gel.

In the field of infant, kitchen and medical treatment, the addition of silica gel can bear this responsibility, which depends on its excellent high temperature resistance, and the temperature can reach 300-500 ℃.

Food grade, non-toxic and tasteless, FDA food grade certification.

High tensile strength, tear resistance and many times of turning over. With such good properties, the price will certainly be much higher than that of condensed silica gel.

Shenzhen eternal Jianxin precision mould Co., Ltd. provides customers with silica gel products with affordable price and excellent quality.


From the perspective of use, medical grade silica gel products mainly have direct contact with the human body, and are divided into in vivo and in vitro use. Silica gel products implanted in vivo can be seen everywhere in our life, such as silica gel breast augmentation, nose augmentation, and prosthetic silica gel products. Why does in vitro use also need medical silica gel? Because direct contact with some parts of the human body is prepaid Infection or prevention of infection in the injured part of the patient leads to the change of human body temperature, which brings other negative effects.


Medical silica gel products have been widely used in the medical industry for nearly a hundred years. In recent years, there have been many new breakthroughs in the research and development of silica gel products in China, and the functions used in the medical industry are more and more extensive. At present, many countries have made further research on silica gel human organs. In the next few decades, human organs may be directly used To silica gel material, we can imagine the development status of silica gel products and the relevance in the medical industry!


Silicone rubber products have this very good medical characteristics, colorless, non-toxic, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, softness, transparency, etc. through silicone rubber products can solve the bad medical problems and meet the medical role of patients

Machine Model Parameter

Machine Model Parameter

TYM-L5058 Vertical LSR injection molding machine
Injection Unit
Shot Volume 165 g
Injection Rate 30 g/s
Injection Pressure 19.6 T
Clamping Unit
Clamping Force 130 T
Opening Stroke 250-550 mm
Tie-Bars Pace 500*580 mm
Ejection Force 7.8 T
Ejection Stroke 150 mm
Pump Pressure 21 Mpa
Motor Power 12.1 KW
Heater Power 9 KW
Mould Orientation Ring Diameter Φ 100 mm
Machine Weight 6 T
Machine Dimension 2.5*1.6*3.6 m




automotive industry

The application of silica gel in automobile industry is growing rapidly. Silica gel (especially silica gel with various characteristics) can resist the erosion of fuel and lubricating oil, improve the service performance of automobile components, and reduce maintenance costs. It can be used for automobile ignition wire, spark plug protective cover, hose for heating and radiator, muffler lining, battery connector and refueling pump made of fluorosilicone. With the development of vehicle electronic electrification, room temperature curing silica gel is widely used in filling sealant for electronic parts and electrical assembly parts, windshield glass, sealing around car body and adhesive sealant for reflector, etc.



Electronic and electrical industry


The electronic and electrical industry is an area where silica gel is the earliest used insulating material and has a large demand. Silica gel is mainly used for TV anode cover, high voltage protection cover, high voltage outgoing line, refrigerator defroster wire, power or signal transmission wire and cable, etc. The insulator made of silica gel will replace ceramic products and be widely used in transmission lines, especially ultra-high voltage lines. Conductive silica gel is used for electric contact parts of electronic computers, telephones and other instruments, as well as contact parts of liquid crystal display. Wires and cables made of flame retardant and radiation resistant silica gel are widely used in atomic power stations. Silica gel heating sheet and heating belt are used to control the working temperature of various precision instruments and oil pipelines, and they are used as heating blankets for physical therapy heat applicators in medical treatment. Room temperature curing silica gel can be used as water-proof, moisture-proof and shockproof filling materials.



Silica gel has been widely used in the pump sealing of dishwasher and washing machine because of its heat-resistant property. Silica gel is very suitable for use as a gasket in coffee pots, electric fryers and steam irons. The earpiece and head pad of stereo earphone are made of silica gel, which can eliminate external noise and is soft and comfortable.



aerospace industry


Silica gel is an indispensable high-performance material in the aerospace industry. It can withstand the super cold in space and the heat of returning to the atmosphere, extend the life of aircraft parts, reduce maintenance costs and reduce accidents. It is mainly used for aircraft body cavity seal, electric connector, sealing switch, dust and waterproof cover, gasket, O-ring of jet engine and hydraulic device, oxygen mask, regulating diaphragm, hot air duct and radar wireless shock absorber, etc. Burning resistant silica gel is suitable for coating rocket fuel valve, power source cable and rocket launch well cover to avoid burning by rocket jet flow. Room temperature curing silica gel can be used as airtight seal, window frame seal, shockproof and moisture-proof filling material.



Construction industry


Silica gel has good weather resistance and construction performance. As a kind of adhesive sealant, it has been widely used in the construction industry, which is more than other types of sealant. In recent years, a low modulus and high elongation two-component sealant has been developed, which is used for large-scale components such as precast concrete and curtain wall with large joint movement. Room temperature curing silica gel is also used for sealing the joints of asbestos cement board, the joints of bathroom bricks and the sealing of toilet appliances. With the decrease of rubber price in the future, the application scope will be further expanded, such as replacing asphalt and chloroprene rubber in the application of highway joints. The high temperature curing silica gel sponge strip is used as the sealing strip of doors and windows of buildings.


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