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Medical silicone catheter

April 24, 2020

Latest company case about Medical silicone catheter

With the development of liquid silicone injection molding technology, the current medical catheter has been changed from latex catheter to liquid silicone catheter. However, the manufacturing process of silica gel catheter is relatively complex, and there are still many equipment and molds needed to produce the whole set of silica gel catheter

The structure of common liquid silicone catheter mold is divided into silicone tube body, silicone sub chamber joint, silicone balloon, silicone plug, plastic one-way valve. The following is the manufacturing process of each part:


1. Silica gel tube: solid silica gel material, extruded by silica gel extruder, production process extrusion molding


2. Silica gel sub chamber joint: liquid silica gel material, using liquid silica gel injection molding machine, production process - put the extruded silica gel tube into the liquid silica gel mold to inject the rubber for secondary molding;


3. Silica gel balloon: solid silica gel material, using silica gel molding machine, production process molding;


4. Silica gel plug: use RTV material, production process - use plastic model to inject RTV rubber, put the pipe into the plastic model, cure and wrap the rubber for molding;


5. Plastic one-way valve: plastic, spring and other accessories can be purchased directly as standard parts


6. Drain hole: some holes on the pipe need to be punched out by a punching machine


7. Bonding and assembly of all accessories: clamps and room temperature vulcanized silica gel materials are required for the assembly and bonding of all accessories.


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