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Energy Saving LSR Injection Molding Machine Tie - Bar Space 600x680mm

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 set Price : Negotiation
Packaging Details : Plastic Film Delivery Time : 30 days
Payment Terms : L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union Supply Ability : 20 Sets per Month
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: TYM
Certification: CE Model Number: TYM-L6068

Detail Information

Opening Stroke: 250-550mm For Lsr Injection Molding Machine Silicone Injection Moulding Machine Product Name: Lsr Injection Molding Machine Silicone Injection Moulding Machine
Clamping Force: 130T About Lsr Injection Molding Machine Silicone Injection Moulding Machine Products: Lsr Injection Molding Machine Silicone Injection Moulding Machine
Tie-bar Space: 600x680mm For Lsr Injection Molding Machine Silicone Injection Moulding Machine Shot Volume: 300g About Lsr Injection Molding Machine Silicone Injection Moulding Machine
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rotary table injection molding machine


low pressure molding machine

Product Description

Lsr Injection Molding Machine Silicone Injection Moulding Machine


In the composition of liquid silicone rubber, the role of catalyst and inhibitor is particularly important. Because liquid silica needs to undergo vulcanization reaction, catalyst is added to accelerate the vulcanization reaction. When the temperature of liquid silica reaches the vulcanization temperature, it has a very high vulcanization speed (at 200 ℃, the vulcanization speed is only 3-5s per millimeter of wall thickness), and the liquid silicone can not exist in the temperature of 40-50 ℃ for a long time (at 50 ℃, even if the vulcanization temperature is not reached, the reaction will occur slowly within 3-4 minutes). Therefore, in order to keep the temperature of liquid silicone from curing before it reaches the curing temperature, inhibitors should be added to its components. When the curing temperature is reached, the inhibitor fails and the liquid silica gel reacts rapidly.


Machine Model Parameter

Machine Model Shot Volume Injection Rate Injection Pressure Clamping Force Opening Stroke Tie-Bars Force Ejection Force Ejection Stroke Pump Pressure Machine Weight Motor Power Machine Dimension
TYM-L4048 270g 30g/s 700kg/cm2 95T 250-550mm 400*480mm 4.3T 150mm 21Mpa 4.7T 12.1KW 2.0*1.5*3.4m
TYM-L5058 148g 30g/s 700kg/cm2 130T 250-550mm 500*580mm 4.3T 150mm 21Mpa 5.3T 12.1KW 2.4*1.6*3.4m
TYM-L6068 270g 30g/s 700kg/cm2 150T 250-550mm 600*680mm 4.3T 150mm 21Mpa 5.5T 12.1KW 2.7*1.7*3.4m





1) Compared with the solid rubber molding, the liquid silica gel injection molding does not need the operation procedures such as molding, mixing, pre molding, etc., which saves manpower, material resources and energy, reduces equipment investment and floor space.


2) The injection molding of liquid silica gel can realize the automatic processing under the fully closed condition, eliminate the manual operation deviation, reduce the influence and pollution of various variable factors in the processing, and ensure the dimensional accuracy and internal quality of the product, which is conducive to the application of liquid silica gel in medical treatment.


3) Because the viscosity of liquid silica gel is very low (generally in the range of 10-1000pas), and its fluidity and processability are good, its injection pressure is much lower than that of solid rubber and plastic. Generally, the injection pressure is 20MPa, which can be lower than 1MPa in some cases. Therefore, it can produce products without flash, reduce material waste, and reduce the wear of equipment and mold. In addition, due to the good fluidity of liquid silica gel, it is especially suitable for forming large-scale products, extremely complex shape products or ultra-thin products, such as ultra-thin products with a forming thickness of 0.5mm and a length of 100mm, which is difficult for solid rubber materials to form.


4) The curing rate of liquid silica gel is very fast. During injection molding, the curing reaction can be completed in the range of 160-220 seconds to several minutes, so the molding cycle is short and the production efficiency is high.


5) The back pressure required for liquid silica gel in screw metering is very small, generally less than 1.5MPa. For some liquid silica gel materials with very low viscosity, even no back pressure can be set, which is mainly due to the good fluidity of low viscosity silica gel and the low gas content in liquid silica gel in normal operation. On the contrary, the large back pressure will increase the density of the unvulcanized silica gel and destroy the accurate measurement effect of the metering device.


6) Liquid silica gel does not shrink in the process of injection molding, but due to its high thermal expansion coefficient, it usually shrinks by 2% ~ 3% after demoulding and cooling. The exact shrinkage data depends on the material formula. From the point of view of processing, designers should consider some factors affecting shrinkage in advance.


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The professional service from TYM
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* Provide investment budget and plant planning;

* Provide a whole set of solutions about machine and mold according to products that customers offered.

On-sales service Provide installation and new machine debugging services for users who purchase Tianyuan machine * Free tranning for your staff who can operate and maintain the machine independently in your factory.
After-sales service

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* After product upgrading, the upgrading work of previous users shall be given priority as required;


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